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In the interpretation of this MOI and unless contrary to or excluded by the subject or context:

1.1. Any word herein signifying:
1.1.1. The singular shall include the plural and vice versa;
1.1.2. The masculine shall include the feminine and the neuter;
1.2. Any word herein which is defined in the Act and is not defined in Clause 1.5 shall bear that statutory meaning in this MOI;
1.3. Each term, power or authority herein shall be given the widest possible interpretation;
1.4. Each of the following words and expressions herein shall have the meaning stated opposite it and, where applicable, shall include the word or expression stated opposite it:
1.4.1. “The Association” means the South African Association of Audiologists (SAAA);
1.4.2. “The Chairperson” shall mean the chairperson of the Executive Council for the time being of the Association elected in terms of Clause 19.9;
1.4.3. “Constitution” shall mean the Constitution of the Association for the time being in force, as contained in this document;
1.4.4. “The Council” means the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA);
1.4.5. “CPD” shall mean the Continuing Professional Development policy of the Association and the Council;
1.4.6. “Executive Council” means Executive Council members elected as per paragraph 19.5 of this Constitution.
1.4.7. “Graduate” shall mean a person who has successfully completed a relevant training course at any one of the recognised training facilities in South Africa and has received an appropriate degree and is thus qualified as either an Audiologist or is dually qualified as a Speech Therapist and Audiologist;
1.4.8. “General meeting” shall mean any general meeting of the Association or any adjournment thereof, including an annual general meeting convened in terms of Clause 13 as the case may be;
1.4.9. “Member” shall mean a person, at the relevant time, is a properly admitted Member in any one of the classes of Membership stated in Clause 8 of this Constitution;
1.4.10. “Member in good standing” means a person who is not in breach of this Constitution;
1.4.11. “The office” shall mean the registered office for the time being of the Association;
1.4.12. “Ordinary Resolution” shall mean a resolution where the majority of those members entitled to vote, vote in favour of the proposed resolution;
1.4.13. “Person” shall include any natural person, Association or body corporate, a statutory body, a partnership or an association of persons, as the case may be;
1.4.14. “President” shall mean the National President of the Association, elected from time to time in accordance with Clause 22 of this Constitution;
1.4.15. “The Republic” shall mean the Republic of South Africa;
1.4.16. Register shall mean the register of members kept by the Association as provided for in this Constitution.
1.4.17. “Secretary” shall mean a person appointed to perform the duties of a secretary of the Association in accordance with the SAAA Policies and Procedures.
1.4.18. “Sign” shall include the reproduction of signature by lithography, printing with an Indiarubber stamp or any other mechanical or electronic process including partly the one and partly the other process and “signature” has the corresponding meaning;
1.4.19. “Writing” shall include printing, typewriting, lithography or any other mechanical or electronic process, or partly one and partly the other.


2.1. The Association is hereby constituted as a voluntary association and will be called: South African Association of Audiologists (SAAA).
2.2. Its shortened name will be SAAA.



The main business of the Association is the development and promotion of the practice of Audiology as an autonomous profession. To this end, the Association provides a forum to facilitate a united, professional identity for the profession to include, but not restricted to, the provision of support, public accountability and representation of the profession at the level of all identified stakeholders.


The main objects of the Association are:

3.2.1 Without limiting the generality of the above, the objectives include the following: To promote the development of research into the practice of Audiology, skills development, theory and knowledge building and promote these amongst members and in the community as widely as possible; To formulate, monitor, and review standards of ethical behaviour for the public good in the practice of Audiology;
3.2.2. To formulate, monitor, and review standards of training and education leading to recognition as a professional Audiologist;
3.2.3. To foster opportunities for professional development through activities such as conferences, workshops, publications, electronic media etc.;
3.2.4. To coordinate the provision of relevant information on qualified Audiologists to the community, medical fraternity, Medical Aid companies, colleagues and related healthcare professions, through a Register of Member Audiologists;
3.2.5. To liaise with other relevant national and international organisations;
3.2.6. To operate on a non-profit basis.


4.1. The Association shall be entitled to form and to have an interest in any companies or Associations only having the same or similar objects to the Association for the purpose of acquiring the undertaking of all or any of the assets or liabilities of that Association or companies or Associations or for any other purpose which may seem, directly or indirectly, calculated to benefit the Association, and to transfer to any such Association or companies or Associations the undertaking of all or any assets or liabilities of the Association;
4.2. The Association shall be entitled to amalgamate with other companies only in so far as they have the same or similar objects to the Association;
4.3. The Association shall only be entitled to take part in the management, supervision and control of business or operations of any other association or business having the same or similar objects as the Association and to enter into partnerships having the same or similar objects as the Association;
4.4. The Association shall be entitled to make donations to organisations having the same or similar objects to that of the Association;
4.5. The Association may employ such salaried staff as may be deemed necessary to fulfil and carry out its objectives;
4.6. The Association shall be entitled to pay gratuities to members of the National Management Committee, office bearers committee members and employees and to establish a pension scheme and medical aid scheme in so far as such gratuities or benefits are not contrary to any law of the Republic of South Africa;
4.7. The Association shall not be entitled to distribute any of its assets among its members;
4.8. The Association shall be entitled to bind members to contribute by way of entrance fees, membership fees, re-entrance fees and levies towards the funds of the Association and to enforce payment of, and to collect and receive from members such entrance fees, membership fees, contributions, re-entrance fees and levies;
4.9. The Association shall be entitled to enforce compliance with its Constitution and any other provisions in such manner as it may deem fit by imposing punitive action in the form of expulsion and/or suspension;
4.10. Notwithstanding the omission from this Constitution of any provision to that effect, the Association may do anything which the Act empowers an Association to do if so authorized by its Constitution.
4.11. The Association may be able to sue and be sued;
4.12. The name of the Association may be changed to any other name as may be passed by special resolution at a General Meeting of the Association.